Nov 2014
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Liv Tyler ranks right up there among the sexiest female celebrities and it turns out that the gorgeous preggy celeb has a secret weapon reason why. Trainer David Kirsch recently shared with E!news Online that he has adapted the star’s fitness routine as she is currently pregnant with her second child.
Kirsch revealed that Liv, whom he’s worked with for close to 20 years (including during her first pregnancy) is not doing any crazy workouts. “The workout is a bit gentle this time around, but we have a lot of fun.” he said, when E!news online caught up with him at Heidi Klum’s Halloween party. “You want to move your body, and with that it puts you in a a better zone,” Kirsch continued. “You eat more healthily, you have more energy and it’s healthier for the baby. Everything is better.”
He adds that he encourages his client to do the same workouts that she has always done, but dialed down a bit due the fact she is pregnant. “It’s still full-body,” he said, “working on her arms, legs, butt and cardio.”

Source: LongevityLive.com