Jan 2014
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It is the age-old story of a Hollywood movie being such a big hit that everybody starts calling for a sequel to get made and then the rumour mill starts to churn with talk of such a sequel. A lot of the time the studios do like to cash in on the success of a movie by making a sequel, yet there are also those that never happen.
Liv Tyler starred in The Strangers
Back in 2008, actress Liv Tyler starred in the impressive movie The Strangers, which proved to be quite the hit with fans and critics alike. With the way that The Strangers ended it most certainly left it open to a sequel and it was not long before talk of The Strangers sequel began to spread, with Liv Tyler attached to return.
There was still talk of The Strangers 2 happening in 2011, with a script being completed, a new director on board and Liv Tyler agreeing to a smaller role in the film. Meanwhile, the three stars who played the original villains were also set to return, torturing a new family, yet we have yet to see any progress on this project.
Even last year we heard rumours that The Strangers 2 was going to begin filming soon but again, nothing has happened. The fans most definitely want to see The Strangers sequel hit the big screen and, with a lot of the nonsense horror movies we have had of late, it would be nice to see something good.

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