Mar 2012
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Liv Tyler admits to going “bananas” on shopping sprees. The gorgeous actress rarely hits the stores for her love of simple, classic fashion but occasionally shops up a storm. Liv says her shopping habits are fairly erratic to say the least. “I shop once in a blue moon – maybe three times a year – but when I do, I go bananas and buy way too much,” she joked in an interview with the April edition of UK Elle magazine. Liv says her fashion taste was influenced from a young age. The stunning star – who describes her signature style as “simple, classic and leather” – says her rock star father, Aerosmith legend Steve Tyler encouraged her to experiment with different materials. “Riccardo [Tisci] made me a pair of leather pants and I never thought I’d wear them, probably because I grew up in house full of leather, but actually I wear them all the time,” she revealed. The beauty believes her look is still evolving. She likes to rely on a few staple pieces for everyday wear though. “[I’m] still learning what I like and what suits me,” she said. “But my style trademark has to be Lanvin flats – I wear them with everything,” she added.

Source: BelfastTelegraph.co.uk