Jan 2012
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Liv Tyler says her daily “cocktail of vitamins” are her “emergency kit” when it comes to her health and beauty regime. The stunning actress is famed for her ever-chic appearance both on and off the red carpet. Liv says her routine is simple, and religiously follows it in order to maintain her glowing complexion. “I start with exercise,” she told French publication Madame Figaro. “I drink a cocktail of vitamins – the emergency kit – it gives you an incredible boost and it helps you unwind. I am also addicted to cucumber juice from the smoothie bar Organic Avenue in New York – the green vegetables are good for my complexion. “Before meeting the make-up artist I use the purifying mask from Blue Flame d’Astara, soothing and perfect against any redness, and Bliss Blood Orange Sugar scrub, which is really nice for my bust.” The mother-of-one also revealed how she maintains her flawless complexion day in, day out. Having worked in the showbiz industry since her teens, the brunette beauty knows how important a dedicated skincare routine is. “I clean my face with Dermal Clay Cleanser by Dermalogica, a powder with kaolin and menthol which cleanses the skin,” she said. “Then I put on a few drops of Olio Lusso, an amazing oil crated by Linda Rodin made of eleven different extracts of essential oils.”

Source: Stuff.co.nz