Dec 2011
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Liv Tyler likes to work with a stylist for a red carpet event. The Lord of the Rings beauty enjoys getting fashion advice before she attends glamorous events so speaks to her stylist and they work together on the perfect outfit. She said: “It depends on the event but I often work with a stylist and they’ll pull a lot of looks and we choose what looks or fits the best. I went to an event at the ballet recently and I wore a dress and they were literally sewing me into it as I was walking out of the door!” However, the 34-year-old actress says she would be confident in her own abilities if she had to pick an outfit out by herself. She told Britain’s OK! magazine: “If I had to pull together a look for tonight right here, right now, I’d probably throw on some super-skinny leggings and this amazing Tom Ford corset that I bought that kind of looks like you’re naked but you’re not. It’s just beautiful. The body is black and nude criss-cross so I’d wear that with a little blazer.””

Source: ContactMusic.com