Dec 2011
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Liv Tyler’s mother and grandmother have had the biggest influence on her style. The Lord of the Rings actress relies on both women for advice and revealed they have shown her accentuate her best assets. She said: “My mom Bebe Buell and grandmother taught me everything I know; I learned so much from them. But they are so different – my grandmother does yoga and carries herself so beautifully. She teaches etiquette and is very polished and sophisticated. Then my mother, her daughter, was a beautiful model and a punk rocker and a totally different person. My mum is incredibly beautiful and has very eclectic taste and is quite playful, kitsch even.” Liv also explained she is grateful for her grandmother’s tips on how to look good, especially when she has an important TV appearance coming up. She told Britain’s OK! magazine: “I remember the first time I went on a TV chat show, I think it was David Letterman’s, my grandmother told me to remember to cross my legs away from the camera. She demonstrated it and explained how it would make my legs look longer and was more flattering. There’s so many more tips but it’s the little things like that my mum and grandma have taught me.”

Source: ContactMusic.com