Feb 2011
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Two of Liv Tyler’s upcoming movies helped her get through her divorce. In The Ledge, she plays a woman trapped in a marriage with an overbearing religious fundamentalist. In Super, she plays a drug addicted stripper. At the Sundance Film Festival where The Ledge played, Tyler revealed her personal connection to these roles.

“It was amazing how they both came about in my life because in the pastcouple years I have gone through quite a lot myself personally,” Tyler said. “In my small lifetime I have, but in these past couple of years particularly. Becoming a mother, having a child, getting divorced, all of those things. I haven’t worked a lot and I was trying to deal with those things in my life and I felt ready to go back to work. I was reading a lot and it just happened that these were the two roles that I felt very moved by and connected to in some way.”

Both roles are pretty harrowing, with Tyler showing herself in some unflattering lights at the characters’ low points. “It was just throwing everything away and not feeling conscious of my ideas about who I am as an actress, as a woman or a person or whatever. I was just going to work and seeing what happens and I just felt very privileged to be able to play those parts because I myself had a lot of complex emotions going on inside of me and experiences.”

By the time the films come out, you may be witnessing the birth of a new Liv Tyler. “Every day is a new beginning to me honestly. Things certainly happen in your life that affect you tremendously. Things don’t go the way you think they are going to go necessarily. It is an awakening, of sorts. As far as making movies goes every time I make a movie I feel like it is the first film that I have ever made in some ways. I really love it, I feel very lucky I get to do something I love so much as my job and that I’ve had a chance to do so many different kinds of films and parts and have experiences.”