Feb 2011
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The actress-and-model is the daughter of Steven Tyler, who is the frontman in veteran rock group Aerosmith.

He is known for a wild lifestyle and a traditionally alternative dress sense – matching outrageous outfits with his numerous tattoos.

But gorgeous Liv chose to take a more conservative approach to her image, and admits that this decision was made easier thanks to her positive outlook and attractive appearance.

“I’ve always been so girly and feminine. I was born into rock, and I the first thing I saw was tattoos and a pair of leather trousers so I rebelled against that,” the 33-year-old told the British edition of Marie Claire. “I was this tall, curvy female by the time I was 11 so I was confident with whatever look I was projecting.”

She has starred in a range of high-profile films including the Lord of The Rings trilogy, Jersey Girl and Armageddon. Liv admits she is concerned about still landing these types of roles as she gets older, although she is unwilling to make cosmetic alterations just to stay in the limelight.

“I have definitely noticed my face change with age,” she explained. “I haven’t had Botox – I don’t really know a lot about it, but I’m sure once you start you just won’t know where to stop.”