Jan 2011
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Liv Tyler reaps praise from a number of film critics for her role in her new movie, ‘The Ledge’. For her, that praise is being a high price that is paid for bad experiences that she had gone through during the filming.

This 33 years old actress is still difficult to erase the memories when she had to do terrible shooting at a prison in Louisiana. She was shaken like she saw hell in prison.

Her role in this movie is as a wife of a prisoner forced her into a real jail cell. She entered the isolation room cramped with small glass window and door. “We were in a prison that was very scary,” she told Hollyscoop.

In one space that must be passed by her, he met an inmate man who stood with fierce eyes, he was not moving. “He was one of the most horrible human being I had ever seen in my life. Of course, I asked about the story and I was quite shaken.”

Apart from her work in the world of film, Liv is still reluctant to talk about her life companion. This beautiful woman, who separated from her husband, Royston Langdon, in 2008, is happier talk about her child. “My kid is obsessed with the basic experiments, such as from plastic bottles and boxes. My kid could turn it into all sorts of amazing things,” she said. “My kid is like a little scientist, very smart.”

Some time ago, Liv Tyler confessed that she likes to appear naked in a place that becomes her favorite place. This beautiful artist said it is place where people will find her appear innocent or naked. And she really enjoy be in that place.

The place she meant is a famous Spa in Los Angeles with Korean-style. That is where this beautiful widow is often spent time to care for and pamper her body by doing the spa at the venue.