Dec 2010
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She may be single, but dating is not Liv Tyler’s forte.

“I’ve never really dated before,” the actress, 33, tells PEOPLE Wednesday night at the Christian Dior 57th Street Flagship opening in New York. “I’m not a very good person to ask about dating.”

Since splitting from husband Royston Langdon in 2008, Tyler has been unattached, focusing instead on the other guy in her life: son Milo, who turns six in December.

And it looks like he’s pretty easy to please.

“My son is obsessed with the most basic things,” says the Incredible Hulk star, “like a plastic bottle you can make experiments with. Or I’m unpacking and I bring out a box and it’s like 10 hours of heaven. He turns it into all sorts of amazing things.”

With all that creativity, the proud mom can’t help but be impressed. “He’s like a little scientist,” she says. “He’s very smart.”

And with the holidays around the corner, Tyler confesses that this time of the year brings out own her inner child.

“I am so silly,” she says. “I wake up at six in the morning on Christmas morning to rush to my stocking, still, as if I were five.”

Source: People