Dec 2010
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Apparently the well-known actress, Liv Tyler, has claimed that she’s never really dated before. This announcement has come as a shock to many people since the actress is 33 years old. She just recently split from her husband Royston Langdon back in 2008. Ever since that split, she has stayed happily single.

Liv Tyler, when speaking at Christian Dior’s 57th Street flagship opening in new York City, said that she has just never really taken to the dating scene. She said that she is just not a very good person in general to ask about dating.

Ever since she split from her husband she has remained single and happy with her son Milo, who is five years old. This actress, who starred in the movie “The Incredible Hulk”, said that her son is obsessed with the most basic things. For example, he would like a plastic bottle that he could do experiments with.

She went on to say that, if she is unpacking and she brings out a box, he can play with it for like 10 hours. He will turn the box into all sorts of amazing things. He is just like a little scientist, he is very smart.

This just goes to show that some people, after breaking up with their husband, do not have to hit the dating scene again. Some people are just happy being alone. This goes to show the strength of some people. There are some people that cannot stand to be alone, but there are some out there that, if they cannot be with the one they want, then they don’t want anyone.