Sep 2010
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Gossip’s around Liv…from Hello Magazine

It’s two years since Liv Tyler separated from her musician husband Royston Langdon and she’s been resolutely single ever since.

That’s probably because – as the actress recently explained – she’s “far too sensitive” for casual dates.

“I fall in love once in a blue moon” she told an interviewer.

That may be about to change, though.

The 33-year-old Lord of the Rings beauty was spotted on a playdate with a gorgeous mystery man.

Liv’s son Milo – in the Batman outfit – and his friends were on their way to a fancy dress party.

She had gone for a sassy outfit that showed off her endless legs.

And their outing clearly went well. When the group were seen heading home later that night the 33-year-old mum of one couldn’t stop smiling.