Mar 2010
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A section of Third Street will be intermittently closed Monday for filming of The Ledge, a movie starring Liv Tyler. The section between North Boulevard and Convention Street will be closed off and on between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. that day. City officials say there are no plans to block off vehicles or foot traffic along that section of Third Street for an extended period. A section of Convention Street between Third and Lafayette streets will be set aside all week long for trucks used in the filming. The Ledge, which also stars Terrence Howard, Patrick Wilson and Charlie Hunnam, will shoot at various locations across the city through mid-April. According to IMDB, the independent movie is set for release next year.

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Great news for both Liv and her fans, and a huge thank you to LovelyLivTyler for the extra information and also to Cindy, a valued visitor who gave me the heads up about this. Can’t wait to see this one!