Feb 2010
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I’m sure you’ll know by now that Liv will be appearing in the March edition of ELLE and two preview photos have surfaced as well as a snippet of the interview courtesy of Telegraph.

“Before I die I want to live on a farm with chickens, a vegetable garden and a John Deere tractor,” said Tyler, referring to the agricultural equipment manufacturer.

She hopes to find a country home similar to that owned by her friend, Stella McCartney, the fashion designer who rears sheep and grows organic vegetables at her Georgian pile in in Gloucestershire.

The McCartney home is Tyler’s favourite place to relax, she told Elle magazine. “A great night in? Stella McCartney’s house in the country. Once our kids are asleep it’s ‘grab the wine’ and take turns to talk boys and husbands.”

Tyler, 32, the daughter of Aerosmith singer Steve Tyler, moved to Los Angeles in 2008 after separating from her British husband, Royston Langdon, a musician. They have a five-year-old son, Milo.

Langdon was born and brought up in Leeds, and Tyler enthusiastically embraced Yorkshire life when the couple married. Locals were amazed to spot her drinking in the local working men’s club in the suburb of Headingley and shopping in Safeway.

She remains a committed Anglophile and counts Kate Moss among her closest friends. She described the supermodel as “the most stylish person I know. I love playing dress-up with her and her closet.”