If you have any questions, they might be answered here. Feel free to contact us, if your question is not listed here.

Are you Liv Tyler?
• No, we are NOT Liv Tyler! We are simply fans running a site dedicated to her.
Is this Liv Tyler’s official website?
• No, it’s not. This is an unoffical FANsite. At this time, Liv Tyler doesn’t have an offical site.
Do you make any money with this site?
• No, I don’t. This is a non profit fansite.
Do you know Liv?
• No, I don’t. I don’t have any contact with her or anyone affiliated with her. Please do not send any e-mails to us addressed to Liv. We can’t forward anything to her, or anyone that knows her.
Do you know Liv email address/home address?
• As stated before, we will never post any personal information of Liv (email, telephone, home address, etc). If you would like to contact Liv, we can provide you with an official FANMAIL address, but we cannot guarantee you she will ever receive anything you send. We respect Liv’s privacy (and anyone representing or affiliated with her) and expect that you should as well.
Do you know if Liv has visited this site?
• I don’t know, but most likely not.
Are you accepting pictures, fanart or any other donations?
• Of course! Donations and contributions are greatly appreciated and will be fully credited. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
Can I use your images for my fanart?
• Of course! You’re also more than welcome to send in your finished work.
Can I use your pictures for my own site?
• Well, it depends. I don’t mind, if you take some pictures. But there are three simple rules:
• Do not forget to credit us (for example: by providng a link back).
• Do no hotlink the pictures of interest.
• Do not re-post the entire gallery.
Can I use your graphics or informations on my website?
• All graphics and content were made exclusively for this site. Please do not reproduce.
How can I contact you?
• Well, all you gotta do is fill out this form. But please remember, I’m not Liv. I’m just the person behind this FANsite! 😉