Dec 2013
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The pair – who worked together on the Lord of the Rings trilogy – were supposedly spotted getting cosy at the opening night of Broadway play Waiting for Godot, starring Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen, before heading to the after-party at Bryant Park Grill.
A source told the new issue of America’s Star magazine: “When they got behind closed doors, they were playfully tickling, gazing into each other’s eyes and holding hands.”

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Nov 2013
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New Yorkers—and let’s face it, today’s youth—are preceded by the unfortunate reputation of being brisk and rude (we’re just in a rush!). And, while we’re not apologizing for our breakneck schedules and attitudes, it wouldn’t hurt anyone to brush up on etiquette. Thankfully, a refresher course on the rules of sophisticated socializing has landed on our doorstep, care of one Dorothea Johnson—the sought-after Washington, DC etiquette expert—and her granddaughter, the one and only Liv Tyler. So, before you interact with another member of humanity, take a peek inside Modern Manners: Tools to Take You To The Top:
The DOs:
“…maintain eye contact while shaking hands and greeting someone.”
“…show respect for the invisible personal space of others; keep your body at a minimum of about 18 inches (1½ feet) between you and the other person.”
“…let the person finish talking before you chime in.”
“…answer the phone with confidence and a smile, because that smile can be heard.”
“…return calls as soon as possible.”
“…use spell-check and proofread your message before sending.”
“…be aware that all feedback won’t be positive, because there are envious and unkind people who thrive on negativity.”
“…step aside before boarding a train to allow exiting passengers to depart. Rushing to get on board is not only rude but also can cause someone to fall.”
“…use earphones when listening to music.”
“…take small bites, and you’ll find it’s easier to join the conversation.”
“…keep the toast short and simple. Use the three B’s: Begin—Be Brief—Be Seated.”

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Nov 2013
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Liv Tyler has released a book about etiquette. The Armageddon actress teamed up with her grandmother, etiquette expert Dorothea Johnson, to release Modern Manners: Tools to Take You to the Top.
Tyler spoke about her grandmother’s influence with beauty website Into the Gloss, explaining: “She started teaching me the importance of moisturising at 6 years old, putting moisturiser on me every night when I got out of the bath. “She also taught me things like, ‘Never go to sleep without washing your face’.”
The book features advice on how to shake hands correctly, keeping eye contact and the correct posture.

Source: DigitalSpy.com

Nov 2013
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Liv Tyler has been promoting her new book – on manners. The Lord Of The Rings actress appeared on US show The View with her grandmother, etiquette expert Dorothea Johnson, to promote the book, MailOnline reported.
Asked whether her eight-year-old son Milo had impeccable manners all the time, the 36-year-old admitted: “Oh goodness no! “He’s really naturally a thoughtful, kind person. But when my grandmother’s on her way in we panic. “I’m not very hard on him, especially in the evening when he’s just come home from school and he’s tired, I’d prefer us just to enjoy a nice meal together.”
Liv’s grandmother Dorothea is the co-author of their book Modern Manners: Tools To Take You To The Top. MailOnline quoted Liv, the daugther of Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, as saying: “It’s all about thoughtfulness and being a kind, considerate, generous person. “You don’t have to have perfect manners to do that. You don’t have to have a college education to know how to be a kind, thoughtful person.”

Source: Belfasttelegraph.co.uk

Oct 2013
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Liv Tyler lives in a gorgeous Manhattan brownstone, but these days, her glorious abode is looking more gory than chic! The 36-year-old actress got into the bewitching season this year by decorating the exterior of her home with a terrifying, Linda Blair-like “Exorcist” doll that could make a grown man scream in horror! And as if the creepy doll weren’t scary enough, Liv topped off the house with spider webs and a headstone.

Source: Yahoo.com

Oct 2013
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Liv Tyler attended The Lunchbox Fund Fall Fête held at Buddakan in New York City yesterday, where they launched the charity’s philanthropy app, Feedie.
Wearing pieces from her favoured brands Givenchy and Proenza Schouler, she donned a black Proenza Schouler longs-sleeve top with a sexy fitted Givenchy skirt with a kick-flare hem in shades of rich autumn greens. Styling was kept uber-simple, with a Givenchy wristlet and black Manolo Blahnik pumps completing the look

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Aug 2013
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Liv Tyler’s relationship with her son is the most “healthy” she has ever had with a man. The 36-year-old actress – mother to nine-year-old Milo with ex-husband Royston Langdon – enjoys the “solid” relationship she has with her child and learns a lot from him. She said: “To have a son was huge for me, because it’s been the most solid, healthy, consistent relationship I’ve ever had with a male in my whole life. “[Milo] just wants me to make him breakfast and walk him to school and read to him at night and help him with his homework – all the basic things any child would want. “He couldn’t give a rat’s ass about me being famous or a movie star or anything. I learn so much from him.”
Liv was raised by her mother Bebe Buell and didn’t know who her father – Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler – was until she was eight, and thinks her upbringing has made her a stronger woman with men “visitors” in her life. She told Net-a-Porter’s digital magazine, The Edit: “I was raised by the women in my life. That’s made me incredibly strong and resilient. I’ve always been able to support myself and my family on my own. “Men are a bit of a mystery to me in a way. They are visitors. They visit my life. I am always surprised when there is one around.”

Source: Contactmusic.com