Mar 2010
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A section of Third Street will be intermittently closed Monday for filming of The Ledge, a movie starring Liv Tyler. The section between North Boulevard and Convention Street will be closed off and on between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. that day. City officials say there are no plans to block off vehicles or foot traffic along that section of Third Street for an extended period. A section of Convention Street between Third and Lafayette streets will be set aside all week long for trucks used in the filming. The Ledge, which also stars Terrence Howard, Patrick Wilson and Charlie Hunnam, will shoot at various locations across the city through mid-April. According to IMDB, the independent movie is set for release next year.

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Great news for both Liv and her fans, and a huge thank you to LovelyLivTyler for the extra information and also to Cindy, a valued visitor who gave me the heads up about this. Can’t wait to see this one!

Mar 2010
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How does it feel to be the face of G-STAR for this year’s A/W collection?
I feel really lucky, we just watched a rehearsal of the show downstairs, I was sitting in the theatre by myself and it was empty and I just had this overwhelming feeling of being lucky to be here an to be part of it. It’s nice because you see a lot of high fashion and then a lot of accessories and things you collect but it was so nice to see the collection because it has such a specific look and not necessarily high fashion which I liked a lot – it was very cool.

How was shooting the campaign?
I like Anton Corbijn a lot. I worked with him once when I was 17, we did some crazy pictures for a German magazine called Stern, he also made the movie ‘Control’ which is very cool, you would like it a lot, it’s a black and white movie about Joy Division, anyway, I love shooting with him.

What do you like about G-STAR?
Everything. I like that you think of jeans but they have a whole little world they have in Holland and they are very passionate about what they do. it’s not just about jeans or selling clothing it’s a sort of philosophy and a way of life, I think it’s really cool and I like it. Using the raw fabrics, very strong. What I’m secretly obsessed with, when I go to the show room, is they have all these hats, these amazing Winter hats. I have one in the other room. Whenever I go to the showroom I walk out with all these scarves and hats.

What do you expect from this year’s collection?
I just watched the rehearsal and one of things I really liked were the colors, I wasn’t expecting that. And the ‘all in ones’, like the guy wears at the gas station? They’re one of my favorite things to wear.

Have you been to Tokyo?
Yeah, I’ve been there for movie promotions a few times, I really love Tokyo, it’s a fun city. There’s so much snow in New York right now – I’ve haven’t experienced snowy Tokyo yet.


Feb 2010
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I’ve added more stunning new print ads and promoshoot photos of Liv’s new G-Star Campaign courtesy of Shlomi and Alice, huge thank you to both. Personally, I really adore this campaign and am really excited to see more of it. What do you guys think? Click the thumbnails below to view either set of photos.

Feb 2010
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I’ve also added some amazing photos of Liv which were taken during the process of the shoot and also the lead up to it. These come courtesy of the wonderful Eva at LovelyLivTyler. Click the thumbnails to take a look at these beautiful photos.

Feb 2010
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Feb 2010
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I’ve added some stunning new photos of Liv and her mother Bebe Buell attending G-Star Raw’s 2010 Collection at Hammerstein Ballroom, NY. There are over 45 photos that can be viewed by clicking the thumbnails or link below. Enjoy!

047: G-Star Raw Presents NY Raw Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

Feb 2010
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The efforts of Mortensen and Tyler helped earn the trilogy of films, based on the JK Tolkein books, £1.8bn at the worldwide box office, according to Forbes business magazine.

The films centres on Frodo’s quest to destroy the dangerous Ring, but it is the romance between Mortensen’s Aragon and Tyler’s Arwen that becomes the heart of the movie.

Forbes said Arwen’s choice between immortality and love appeared to be drove many female moviegoers to the cinema.

“The coupling of Viggo Mortensen and Liv Tyler convinced a lot of girlfriends to sit through more than nine hours of orcs and wizards and hobbits,” the magazine said.

The second most successful couple was Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire from the Spider-Man films, Forbes said in its first ever Hollywood top earning couples list.