Dec 2015
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We want to wish you a merry christmas, great holidays and a happy new year! See you in 2016 with the latest and greatest on Miss Liv Tyler!

Oct 2015
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Since our last host closed it’s doors, we had to look for a new home. We’re now proudly hosted by Free Fansite Hosting who also bought this new domain for us. Please update your bookmarks and check back for all the latest on Miss Tyler.
On a side note: I tried my best to fix and update all pages, if you come across any errors, do not hesitate to contact us!

May 2015
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In the latest addition of celebrities-that-you-want-to-be-friends-with, Liv Tyler has proven that she’s the girl next door that we hoped her to be by recording a duet of the Frankie Valli hit ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You’ with her famous father.
The actress posted the video to her Instagram page along with the caption, ‘Oh my My daddy can even play the phone! Father secret talents.’
Spoiler: it’s cute. Very, very cute.

Source: Yahoo.com

May 2015
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“I’d never done television before this … With a movie, everything’s in the script and you can ask a million questions and you know what the schedule is, and with this, it was a whole new world to me of just living in this kind of ambiguous state where you never really know what’s going to happen,” says Liv Tyler about her role in HBO’s drama The Leftovers.
Tyler plays Meg, who joins the Guilty Remnant cult following the unexplained disappearance of two-percent of the world’s population. “I think she thinks that everything that’s going on is sort of bullshit and she gets more and more angry about it,” says Tyler about Meg’s reasons for turning to the mysterious group. “I don’t think she … really wants to be in a cult or believes in what they’re living by. I think it’s that she wants to do anything she can to escape what she’s feeling. It’s sort of the first thing that’s available to her.”
Members of the Guilty Remnant take a vow of silence, which meant that much of Tyler’s role was free of dialogue, but “I actually really enjoyed it. People always make fun of me and say that I should have been a silent film star because I’m always trying to cut my words and express them with feeling and emoting. A lot of times I think things can be overwritten, and you can convey a lot of things without words.”
Showrunner Damon Lindelof deliberately keeps the cast in the dark about future episodes and storylines, which Tyler found “frustrating at first.” She eventually settled into his inscrutable method, and “I know going into the second season, he hasn’t told me much, but that I will go further into the Guilty Remnant in quite a fanatical kind of way, and I was like, oh boy! But that’s all I know.”
Tyler did figure out ways of piecing together some pertinent story details, though, but it required some “detective work”: “If you would ask everybody different questions – like, you could ask the costume designer something, and key makeup something, and one of the drivers something, and one of the actors something – suddenly you’d get a full story about either a script coming up or something that happens … Certain heads of department get information before we do even, so I knew who to go to for information.”

Source: GoldDerby.com

Mar 2015
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The Lord Of The Rings star sat for an oil painting by the British actress while carrying her son Sailor, who was born last month.
Tyler posted an image of the unfinished artwork on Instagram.com, adding the caption, “When Sailor used to live in my belly… A work in progress by my talented friend Jemima Kirke.”

Source: Contactmusic.com

Mar 2015
News  •  By  •  Comments Off on Liv Tyler gushes about David Gardner

Liv Tyler says David Gardner is her best friend.
The Leftovers star, who gave birth to a baby boy, Sailor Gene, with the soccer agent on February 11, gushed about her ‘beautiful’ boyfriend in a touching post on Instagram on Thursday (March 05). The 37-year-old actress shared a photograph of David standing outside retailer Buy Buy Baby, with the caption: “Who’s your daddy!!! davidgardner76 beautiful father best friend Thank you for making me smile so big and laugh so hard and loving me so much.”
The brunette beauty, who also has 10-year-old son Milo with ex-husband Royston Langdon, started dating the British talent manager, who has son, Grey, seven, with ex-wife Davinia Taylor, last summer after being introduced to him by mutual friend Kate Moss.
And a friend previously said: “They get on very well and are really enjoying spending time together. He flies to New York mostly to see her and they feel very comfortable together.” “He is very charismatic and a real gentleman and she appreciates that about him.”
The Lord of the Rings actress is also clearly besotted with the new addition to their family, as she also shared a new photograph of Sailor’s feet, with the caption: “I’m so in love!!!!”

Source: Contactmusic.com

Feb 2015
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Liv Tyler has found the cutest way possible to share her newborn son’s unique name with the world. Posting a picture on Instagram of his tiny hand in hers and holding an anchor necklace, the actress revealed her son’s name as the nicely nautical, Sailor Gene Gardner.
Sailor arrived in the world six weeks early on February 11th, with father David Gardner confirming the news via his Instagram page. “Our little one has arrived…Beautiful baby boy…Happy Valentines Day!” he captioned a photograph of the baby’s tiny hand holding his finger last week.
Also sharing his joy was Sailor’s rockstar grandfather, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, who tweeted a photo alongside daughter Mia at Liv’s hospital beside. “I made it RIGHT in time before my second grandson entered this world!”, Tyler captioned the pic.
The Grandfather later told E! News in a statement, “When I got the call that Liv was going into labor, after crying like a baby myself, I immediately dropped everything and went to to the airport to get on the next available flight.” “When I landed I kept calling my daughter Mia who was already helping Liv and she kept giving me minute by minute updates,’HURRY THE BABY IS COMING!'” Tyler continued. “I made it RIGHT in time before my second grandson entered this world. It was another (God wink) moment of a lifetime for me.”
A rep for the family has also said that baby Sailor is “healthy but early” and added that he was expected to be in hospital for a while, saying new mom Liv would ”appreciate privacy until she can bring him home.”

Source: Contactmusic.com