Mar 2013
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Not much new for today, I just replaced several pictures in these albums (click here or here) and added most recent candids of Liv. Previews below:

Mar 2013
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Nope, I’m not dead. My real life was just keeping me busy and stressed these last few months. BUT there’s much new here at LivTylerOnline.org: The gallery and the site itself got a shiny new look. I also updated the gallery with many new pictures. Happy surfing! 🙂

Aug 2012
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Actress Liv Tyler fought through a nasty sinus infection during a U.S. TV appearance on Monday (August 24) in order to promote her upcoming movie Robot & Frank. The Lord of the Rings star is currently travelling across America in support of her new futuristic family film, and Tyler admits she has been struggling to get on with her promotional duties as she has been high on antibiotics. Apologising to fans while taking a seat on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, she said, “I have a little sinus infection so if I sound strange, excuse me… I feel like I have cotton balls in my head.” And the actress admits the medication, called Azithromycin, is giving her crazy side effects. She adds, “I’m on a ‘Z-Pak’, which is like the crazy steroids. It makes you feel like (superhero) The Incredible Hulk. You feel like you have a tremendous amount of power, that’s completely false.”

Source: Contactmusic.com

Mar 2012
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Liv’s featured in the french magazine L’Express Styles with some brand new and simply gorgeous pictures. Huge thanks to LovelyLivTyler.com for these beautiful scans!

Mar 2012
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Liv Tyler loves having clothes custom-made. The ‘Lord of the Rings’ actress finds it “so special” to have gowns produced just for her and her most treasured possessions are items made for her by late designer Alexander McQueen, whose real first name was Lee. She said: “The most precious items in my closet are a pink bag and a black feathered cape, both of which Lee McQueen made for me. “The greatest fashion luxury is having something made just for me. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s so special. “Two such outfits are the Givenchy haute couture feathered dress that Riccardo Tisci made for me to wear to the Met Ball in New York last year and the red Alexander McQueen suit I wore to the first ‘Lord of the rings’ premiere in 2001.”

Source: Contactmusic.com

Mar 2012
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Liv Tyler admits to going “bananas” on shopping sprees. The gorgeous actress rarely hits the stores for her love of simple, classic fashion but occasionally shops up a storm. Liv says her shopping habits are fairly erratic to say the least. “I shop once in a blue moon – maybe three times a year – but when I do, I go bananas and buy way too much,” she joked in an interview with the April edition of UK Elle magazine. Liv says her fashion taste was influenced from a young age. The stunning star – who describes her signature style as “simple, classic and leather” – says her rock star father, Aerosmith legend Steve Tyler encouraged her to experiment with different materials. “Riccardo [Tisci] made me a pair of leather pants and I never thought I’d wear them, probably because I grew up in house full of leather, but actually I wear them all the time,” she revealed. The beauty believes her look is still evolving. She likes to rely on a few staple pieces for everyday wear though. “[I’m] still learning what I like and what suits me,” she said. “But my style trademark has to be Lanvin flats – I wear them with everything,” she added.

Source: BelfastTelegraph.co.uk

Feb 2012
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I added another batch of recent Liv pics to our gallery. Previews below: