Jan 2012
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Liv Tyler uses a “black lip balm” that was specifically created for her to achieve her gorgeous pout. The stunning actress shared the secrets of her daily make-up routine and named the products she cannot live without. The mother-of-one revealed nifty tricks of the trade she has undoubtedly picked up during her successful showbiz and modelling career. “Nicolas Degennes [head of make-up creation for Givenchy] has just created a lip

Jan 2012
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Liv Tyler would be willing to change her hair for the right film role.The stunning actress has previously chopped off all her locks and while she prefers her tresses to be longer she would be willing to do it again. She said: “I love my hair long as it is now, but I’m always open to doing something drastic for the right film part. Like the time Robert Altman asked

Jan 2012
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Liv Tyler says her daily “cocktail of vitamins” are her “emergency kit” when it comes to her health and beauty regime. The stunning actress is famed for her ever-chic appearance both on and off the red carpet. Liv says her routine is simple, and religiously follows it in order to maintain her glowing complexion. “I start with exercise,” she told French publication Madame Figaro. “I drink a cocktail of vitamins

Dec 2011
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Liv Tyler likes to work with a stylist for a red carpet event. The Lord of the Rings beauty enjoys getting fashion advice before she attends glamorous events so speaks to her stylist and they work together on the perfect outfit. She said: “It depends on the event but I often work with a stylist and they’ll pull a lot of looks and we choose what looks or fits the

Dec 2011
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Liv Tyler’s mother and grandmother have had the biggest influence on her style. The Lord of the Rings actress relies on both women for advice and revealed they have shown her accentuate her best assets. She said: “My mom Bebe Buell and grandmother taught me everything I know; I learned so much from them. But they are so different – my grandmother does yoga and carries herself so beautifully. She

Oct 2011
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Actress Liv Tyler has made a comeback, this time with her favorite shampoo. She has become the new ambassador for Pantene, a title that she actually has had before. As a young and up-and-coming model back in 1996, she worked her brunette locks for the shampoo brand in a TV ad. Pantene has teamed up with Liv to promote their new product line that is using technology from NASA! Pantene

Feb 2011
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Liv Tyler has revealed that she has only just started to feel strong enough to return to work, after three years as a stay-at-home mum . The ‘Lord Of The Rings’ star stepped away from the limelight to recover from her split with husband Royston Langdon, father of her son Milo, six. “In the past couple years I have gone through quite a lot personally. Becoming a mother, having a