Feb 2012
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Liv Tyler learns about love and life “every day”. The 34-year-old actress – who divorced ex-husband Royston Langton, the father of her seven-year-old son Milo, in 2008 -has spent her “whole life” trying to understand matters of the heart and thinks she has experienced a lot. She said: “I feel like I’m learning every day how to get through life and the world. Not just from the divorce. I’ve felt

Feb 2012
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Liv Tyler takes photographs “obsessively”. The 34-year-old actress – who has a seven-year-old son Milo with ex-husband Royston Langdon – is “fascinated” by capturing moments on film because she has gone through so much “change” throughout her life. She explained: “Obsessively, I have thousands of pictures on my phone. Why am I so fascinated with capturing moments? I’ll tell you why. Because I’ve had so much change in my life.

Jan 2012
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Liv Tyler went through a lot of “difficult things” as a child. The 34-year-old actress – who was raised alternately by her model-and-singer mother Bebe Buell, aunt and grandmother, before discovering she was the daughter of Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler at the age of 11 – admitted her unconventional upbringing has brought up a “tremendous amount of issues” to take into consideration when raising her own son, Milo, seven. She

Jan 2012
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Actress Liv Tyler is following her father and stepfather into the music business after recording a cover of an Inxs tune for a new Givenchy ad. The 34 year old admits she grew up dreaming of chart success but appearances in her dad Steven Tyler’s Aerosmith videos led to more on screen time and less in the studio. But now she’s tackling music at last, telling People.com, “I got to

Jan 2012
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Liv Tyler likes he father Stephen Tyler’s fiancee “very much”. The actress is thrilled her rocker dad is going to marry Erin Brady – an executive for Clear Channel – and she can’t wait for the wedding. Speaking to People magazine at the Sundance Film Festival, she revealed Stephen and Erin have been together “for a long, long time” and added: “I like her very much.” Source: ContactMusic.com

Jan 2012
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Liv Tyler says she needs “three hours” preparation time before attending a glamorous event. The stunning actress has graced many a red carpet and has admitted she books a generous time slot with her style team to get ready. As a model and the face of French cosmetics company Givenchy, the brunette never steps out looking anything less than perfect. “If I’m going to an evening event I book three

Jan 2012
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Liv Tyler collects perfumes but doesn’t wear any of them. The 34-year-old actress still has scents she liked as a teenager and can’t bring herself to throw any of them away because the fragrances evoke many different memories for her. She said: “I have a collection of fragrances I’ve had since I was a teenager – I don’t wear them, I just smell them for the memories. “I wear Very