May 2013
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When Givenchy asked Amanda Seyfried to be the new face of their Very Irresistible fragrance, replacing longtime muse Liv Tyler, her reaction was exactly right: “Fuck yeah,” she told WWD. She’s probably been angling for the position for a while, attending Givenchy’s fashion show in March (where she sat next to Louis Vuitton’s Antoine Arnault) and wearing Riccardo Tisci’s designs on several major red carpets, including the Golden Globes and

Aug 2012
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Actress Liv Tyler fought through a nasty sinus infection during a U.S. TV appearance on Monday (August 24) in order to promote her upcoming movie Robot & Frank. The Lord of the Rings star is currently travelling across America in support of her new futuristic family film, and Tyler admits she has been struggling to get on with her promotional duties as she has been high on antibiotics. Apologising to

Mar 2012
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Liv Tyler loves having clothes custom-made. The ‘Lord of the Rings’ actress finds it “so special” to have gowns produced just for her and her most treasured possessions are items made for her by late designer Alexander McQueen, whose real first name was Lee. She said: “The most precious items in my closet are a pink bag and a black feathered cape, both of which Lee McQueen made for me.

Mar 2012
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Liv Tyler admits to going “bananas” on shopping sprees. The gorgeous actress rarely hits the stores for her love of simple, classic fashion but occasionally shops up a storm. Liv says her shopping habits are fairly erratic to say the least. “I shop once in a blue moon – maybe three times a year – but when I do, I go bananas and buy way too much,” she joked in

Feb 2012
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Liv Tyler didn’t tell her father she would be singing in her Givenchy advert. The ‘Lord of the Rings’ actress shows off her vocal talents in the commercial for Very Irresistible Givenchy Electric Rose with a sexy rendition of INXS hit ‘Need You Tonight’ and while she was thrilled to be asked to do it, she decided to keep it secret from Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler. She told People: “My

Feb 2012
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Liv Tyler loves “girlie pink” lips. The stunning star knows what beauty looks suit her complexion, so sticks to the same shades and products. Liv has explained her failsafe make-up routine. “Colour-wise, I love girlie pink shadows on my lips, either smudgy black or warm browns or taupes on my eyes and sometimes a little bit of purple thrown in,” she revealed in an in an interview with the March

Feb 2012
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Liv Tyler is “still trying to figure love out”. The 34-year-old actress – who has been dating photographer Theo Wenner for the past six months – explained she is constantly attempting to find out what the meaning of “life and love” are. She said: “Am I happy in love? I’m still trying to figure love out. I’m honestly still trying to figure it all out. Life and love and my