Jul 2013
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This season’s chicest ’60s-inspired pieces could have been fashioned with Liv Tyler in mind. The actress talks to Tom Shone about her independent life choices, the importance of good manners and why she is really an old-fashioned girl at heart. I’m very unfashionable at the moment,” says Liv Tyler apologetically, over brunch at one of her favorite haunts in Manhattan’s West Village. “I go through periods where I pay a

Mar 2011
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What do you think?? Liv Tyler attended Target GO Designer Collective launch on March 10 in New York. 33-year-old American actress and model was looking stunning in a stylish Half Braided Hairstyle. Liv sported a wraparound braid on the right side of her head that looked interesting and unique. A tightly styled French-braid on the right and long flowing hair on the left side gave illusion of a buzz cut.

Feb 2011
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The actress-and-model is the daughter of Steven Tyler, who is the frontman in veteran rock group Aerosmith. He is known for a wild lifestyle and a traditionally alternative dress sense – matching outrageous outfits with his numerous tattoos. But gorgeous Liv chose to take a more conservative approach to her image, and admits that this decision was made easier thanks to her positive outlook and attractive appearance. “I’ve always been

Jan 2011
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Liv Tyler reaps praise from a number of film critics for her role in her new movie, ‘The Ledge’. For her, that praise is being a high price that is paid for bad experiences that she had gone through during the filming. This 33 years old actress is still difficult to erase the memories when she had to do terrible shooting at a prison in Louisiana. She was shaken like

Dec 2010
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I’m not one of those girls that never goes makeup-free. But would I be happy with my sans-makeup face appearing on GIANT billboards to promote a new fragrance? Umm, no. Guess that’s one (of many) differences between Liv Tyler and I. Sigh. Kepp reading @ the source

Sep 2010
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Press Release – NZ Art Show A photograph honouring Lord of the Rings star Liv Tyler by Wellington-based artist Steve Thomson has won the New Zealand Art Show’s Signature Piece Award worth $5000. The winning artwork in the Signature Piece Art Award sponsored by Winesale.co.nz is an analog photo of a peony, called Constellation Fecund – Liv. The award was presented at a dinner in Wellington to thank sponsors on