Jul 2013
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This season’s chicest ’60s-inspired pieces could have been fashioned with Liv Tyler in mind. The actress talks to Tom Shone about her independent life choices, the importance of good manners and why she is really an old-fashioned girl at heart.
I’m very unfashionable at the moment,” says Liv Tyler apologetically, over brunch at one of her favorite haunts in Manhattan’s West Village. “I go through periods where I pay a tremendous amount of attention to fashion, then I get mad at it and don’t read magazines, don’t look at the collections. I’m in one of those moments right now,” she smiles. “And then I get mad at myself because I don’t know what’s going on and I don’t have anything new.”
The actress’s version of “nothing new” may not be quite as impressive as her friend Helena Christensen’s (“She has a closet to die for”), but she still turns heads in a floral Marni dress (“My only summer purchase”), worn with a Chloé cardigan and Lanvin flats. On the table between us sits a Stella McCartney faux-croc Grace shoulder bag – her one indispensible item with which she recently shared “a Brokeback Mountain moment. I was like: ‘I cannot quit you!'”
Inside the bag are some credit cards and loose cash, two Chanel lipsticks, one iPhone and one BlackBerry, with which she has a tortured, ambivalent relationship. “I can’t quit this baby, either,” she says, fishing it out. “Someone’s always trying to find you. I’ve just started to go, ‘F*** all of you, I’m not going to be on your schedule. I don’t want to be reached every second.’ People want immediate answers. It’s nice to really think about things…” – she searches for the right word – “…digest them.” Continue reading…

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