Feb 2010
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The efforts of Mortensen and Tyler helped earn the trilogy of films, based on the JK Tolkein books, £1.8bn at the worldwide box office, according to Forbes business magazine.

The films centres on Frodo’s quest to destroy the dangerous Ring, but it is the romance between Mortensen’s Aragon and Tyler’s Arwen that becomes the heart of the movie.

Forbes said Arwen’s choice between immortality and love appeared to be drove many female moviegoers to the cinema.

“The coupling of Viggo Mortensen and Liv Tyler convinced a lot of girlfriends to sit through more than nine hours of orcs and wizards and hobbits,” the magazine said.

The second most successful couple was Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire from the Spider-Man films, Forbes said in its first ever Hollywood top earning couples list.